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Better Built's Retrofits & Accessories

We have the ability to dismantle an existing kiln and completely reinstall it on another site. We also can provide a complete line of replacement parts and upgrades for all makes of kilns including reskinning and insulating.

Man Doors

General capabilities:

We provide a replacement aluminum or stainless man doors in addition to lift and slide loading doors.

  • Easy installation as door and frame come in one pre-hung piece, 28" wide by 67" high
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Feature slide in and out 1" diameter gaskets
  • All doors are insulated with compressed fiberglass or mineral wool
  • Insulation is "inert with aluminum."

Lift and Slide Kiln Doors

General capabilities:

We provide a full range of kiln doors sized to fit individual needs in lift and slide, hinged or horizontal BI-fold format.

  • Interior skins available in aluminum or stainless
  • Heavy duty 5" thick aluminum door frames
  • Exterior skins are Alclad Aluminum
  • Insulation is compressed fiberglass providing R24
  • Doors supplied with door carrier, lintel and extensions in "Hot Dipped Galvanized"
  • Lifting systems are manual crank or hydraulic pump
  • Doors have "slide-in" gaskets that are easy to maintain and provide an airtight seal
  • Adjustable top, middle and bottom door mullions feature nylon rollers on heavy-duty stainless pins.

Paint Seals

General capabilities

"Di-tanic" concrete floor paints are available in 40% solid solution as well as 100% solids used for filling floor "pocks". Application is simple and easy with an airless sprayer.

Kiln Controls

General capabilities:

We are able to provide a range of kiln controls.

  • SECOVAC Windows(tm) based multi-zone PLC, TDAL controls for softwood drying
  • LIGNOMAT controls with wireless probes and remote sensing for hardwood
  • Programmable Partlow recorder controllers for simpler applications
  • LG Frequency Inverters for controlling fan speeds for various species and thickness







Door Gaskets

General capabilities:

We provide an aluminum track that is fastened to existing door with stainless steel screws.

  • Rubber gasket seal can be slid into track
  • Easy installation and quality 1" diameter seal
  • Shipping via UPS


Better Built Heat Exchanger Vents

These powered, reversing, heat exchanger vents allow for more efficient drying.  The hot exiting air is used to heat the cold, incoming air.  Heat exchangers can be supplied in Aluminum or Stainless Steel and come with up to 7.5 HP motors on each end. 

Jack-air system to replace kiln-stickers 

Use the Jack-air system to increase your kiln capacity up to 4 percent!  Replace broken stickers or remove bolsters and replace them with stickers.  Jack-air comes in 4,6 and 8 lengths and each length come in a 2 or 4 model. 

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger on 75,000 bf oak kiln

4 inch jack air in 6 foot model

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