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Better Built Dry Kiln Features

  • Turbo tubes increase fan efficiency 15-17%
  • Aircraft-wing horizontal baffles force air through upper layers
  • Locking vertical baffles
  • All interior piping is 304 stainless steel
  • Finned piping is Sch 10 stainless steel core with extruded aluminum fins
  • Spray header is 304 stainless steel
  • Columns, trusses and baffles are anodized
  • Interior skins are .050" thick aluminum or .032" stainless steel
  • Exterior wall/roof skins are .032/.040 thick aluminum
  • Insulation is 8" thick providing R 32
  • Insulation is "inert with aluminum"
  • Doors feature 5-1/2" wide aluminum extrusions
  • Top, middle and bottom door mullions feature nylon rollers on heavy duty stainless pins
  • Door carriers and beams are "Hot Dipped Galvanized" steel & available in power lift
  • SECOVAC Windows(tm) based multi-zone controls
  • LIGNOMAT controls with wireless probes or scales
  • LG drives, Class H kiln-duty motors with Smithco props
  • Local parts, service and technical support
  • Turnkey installation



Turbo tubes 15-17% more air flow per horsepower

Turbo tubes in use with Nyle Dehumidifier


Aircraft Wing Baffles raised via "Awning Crane"

Locking side baffles    

Side Loading or Forklift Loaded Kilns 

General capabilities

This is the best known and most popular kiln on the market. We will design your kiln to meet your needs taking into account output requirements, space availability and investment costs. All of our kilns can be heated using hot water, hot oil, high or low pressure steam, or can be direct or indirect fired natural gas, propane or oil. All kilns feature "Hot Dipped Galvanized" steel door carrier, beam and extension lintels. All kilns are offered with our thick 304 stainless interiors and anodized structure, both proven corrosion fighters.

Two 50mbf package kilns at Wayne Dry Kilns, Monticello KY

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