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Track Kilns and High-Temp Pine Kilns

General capabilities

Track kilns are designed to speed the loading/unloading operations. This helps to increase the time that your kiln has lumber in the drying process. Track kilns are generally designed to accommodate large quantities of lumber and are especially popular for softwood producers. Our hardwood track kilns can be offered in "Center Fan Wall" design where fans and primary heat is between the tracks, with reheat above the false ceiling.


-   Either aluminum or steel structure, depending on the application

-   Aluminum or Stainless Steel interiors

-   Smithco 72 fans with Class H motors or remote-mounted motors

-   Fired with direct fired burning system or high pressure steam

-   Available in single or double track design

-   Secovac multi-zone controls with Accu-stop technology

                                            Secovac Computer Control System

Two of 6 High Performance double track kilns with 72" fans for drying Hard Maple

Direct fired Double track kiln with remote-mounted motors















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